Im communicating with a smart contract trying to get the balances from a list of addresses. I then want to get the sum of all balances but I am stuck on actually creating the array to store all the balances.. I need a type of big.Int but have no idea how to create it for my array. so far my code is:

balances := make([]int, 0)

for _, address := range getAddresses {
    getAddressBalance, err := token.BalanceOf(&bind.CallOpts{Pending: true}, address)
    balances = append(balances, getAddressBalance)

and the error i get is

cannot use getAddressBalance (type *big.Int) as type int in append

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Import the math/big native Go package and change the type from int to *big.Int:

balances := make([]*big.Int, 0)

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