Metamask don't store keys on any server. Metamask stores your private keys using your browser's data store.

Then how can metamask restores accounts using seed words without storing it anywhere ?


Metamask doesn't store keys or any data of wallet on server , actually the mnemonic generated by metamask when you create the wallet has the capability to generate the private key, public key and ethereum address .

This mnemonic is called BIP39 seed phrase,and it can be used to regenerate the private key of your wallet , private key can generate the public key and public key is used to generate ethreum address. So this feature is not specific to metamask , it is the property of BIP39 mnemonic to encode the private key of your wallet. That's why you should keep your mnemonic pass phrase secretly .

For further information you can access the link :- https://silentcicero.gitbooks.io/pro-tips-for-ethereum-wallet-management/content/ethereum-wallet-basics/using-seed-phrases-to-create-ethereum-accounts.html

There is an online tool which you can use to regenerate all the information of your wallet using the seed phrase:-https://iancoleman.io/bip39/

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