I created a private net within a folder in Documents. It works fine. I tried connecting ethereum wallet with private net...But ethereum wallet created another node in .ethereum folder and shows corresponding node.

When I moved private net folder to .ethereum ...wallet was connected and was able to see accounts in it.

Does ethereum wallet connects only to the geth in .ethereum folder? Is there any way by which wallet will connect to the geth in any folder?


Ethereum-Wallet checks for geth.ipc file in .ethereum folder. If it finds one, it connects with that else it creates one and starts a new geth instance.

So if you have your private net setup -n different folder, Try adding --ipcpcath "path_of_you_.ethereum_folder" flag to geth instance you are runnnig.

By default when you start private net, it creates the geth.ipc file in same folder, but by using --ipcpath flag you can tell geth where to create ipc file. Since ethereum-wallet makes IPC connection to you node, it must know the path of you geth.ipc file.

  • So anyhow geth.ipc file should be in .ethereum folder ?
    – angelmaria
    May 28 '18 at 4:51
  • Yes, because ethereum-mallet reads only the geth.ipc in .ethereum May 28 '18 at 6:12

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