Quorum is private permissioned blockchain network.Is it production ready or still in beta/Proof of Concept stage?

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As far as I know, JPMorgan's Quorum is ready to use with quite guarantees (which doesn't mean that it couldn't be improved or stuff like that).

Think about that, Quorum isn't more than the Raft Consensus Algorithm but hoarding control about some Byzantinism, not all of them because on a private/permisioned blockchain, you can asume that not all of the typical byzantine behaviors are possible to realize.

  • To sumarize a lot, Quorum is a PoA blockchain that takes care about some concret byzantine behaviours.
  • And raft has been used for years and is more than tested.

Another similar example of this are Istanbul Consensus Blockchains.

  • Also add that for example, Alastria, runned since a few months ago with JPMorgan's Quorum, so obviously, isn't in a Concept Stage, which doesn't mean that it can't change somethings with the pass of the time.

Hope it helps.

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