I bought some ICON (ICX) tokens on Binance, then transferred them to MetaMask. I still see the transaction on Etherscan. Initially, the tokens showed in MetaMask (tokens held went from 8 to 9), but the # of tokens was an odd number. I checked MetaMask the next day and the number of tokens is back to 8 with no sign of the ICX coins. If click on Add Token and I copy in the contract address, the token name says "Like ETH", precision says 0. Where are those tokens? Thanks.

  • Have you checked etherscan.io using your account address, and see if the tokens appear? Commented May 23, 2018 at 1:41

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I have seen this problem many times with Metamask , go to Tokens tab and try to Add Token and check again , it should show the balance of icx tokens in metamask :

Contract address : 0xb5a5f22694352c15b00323844ad545abb2b11028

Symbol : ICX

Decimal of Precision : 18

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