How to batch send eth or erc20 from multiple address to one address?

How to do it with code?

For example, I have 30 eth address.

I want to from 30 eth address Transferring to the one account in the contract.

how do I send same amount ether/erc20 or different amount ether/erc20 in each account.

  • can you be more specific? do you want to send the content from 30 addresses to a single receiver contract? or do you want to send out an equal amount to a batch of addresses? – 6egic May 22 '18 at 0:55

You can write a contract with function like this

function multisend(address _tokenAddr, address[] dests, uint256[] values)
returns (uint256) {
    uint256 i = 0;
    while (i < dests.length) {
       ERC20(_tokenAddr).transfer(dests[i], values[i]);
       i += 1;

Or use this tool: https://etherchain.tools/airdropper , send ether/erc20 token to multiple addresses at once.

Transaction example: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xca7c51cd32fd050b5ff6c0a9b39350d16251ec05e36d7fd438d4a19b3c004562

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