I've a smart contract under test, which exposes a public property of type address bestSeller:

contract Club {
    address public owner;
    uint public price; //price to join the Club
    uint public membersCount;
    uint public bestSale; //the best sale till now
    address public bestSeller; //the user who presented more users

so now I reduced my test to the minimum necessary to reproduce the problem, and it looks like:

it("report correctly the best seller"),async () => {

  let bestSeller =  await instance.bestSeller.call();

all the test works, except this one that remain in "pending", as reported by truffle test:

enter image description here

What can be the problem?

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 it("report correctly the best seller"), async () => {
     let bestSeller =  await instance.bestSeller.call();
 } // guess you didn't have ')' here, cause if it were there, it does not run


 it("report correctly the best seller", async () => {
     let bestSeller =  await instance.bestSeller.call();

Watch out for the parenthesis!


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