I want to know how to take a backup of Private Ethereum Blockchain (chain data folder) while the chain is running.

The problem is that suppose my chain height is at 1000 and it gets crashed or if I kill the process manually and after that I start the chain again then it never starts the chain from the height where it has stooped.

But if I close the chain properly then it gets started from where it has stooped. After closing the chain properly I get the message as

Blockchain manager stopped.  
Stopping ethereum protocol  
Ethereum Protocol Stopped  
Transaction pool stopped.  
Database Closed

I think the reason is it is keeping the blocks in RAM for some time and after some height it is storing it in the database.

I tried to take a backup from geth console :


and it worked well, but the problem is as we can't use admin from web3 module so it is not possible from application.

I even tried import and export option of geth, but to do that the chain should not be running.

so is there any way to take a backup of chaindata folder.


I never backup my geth nodes that way. I personally would do daily incremental rsync backups, followed by weekly full backups of your chaindata folder, and all other folders containing transaction data, keystore, etc..

  • Hey @hextet. Can the files backed up by rsync backups be used to setup a new node if the current node some how malfunctions?
    – Subik
    Aug 3 '20 at 6:15
  • And would this work while the node is running, as the OP asked? What is your rsync command?
    – Andyc
    Aug 2 at 6:15

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