I have a smart contract with an event where an account address is stored/indexed, and I want to get/advise about this event each time the account address is trigger by the event.

By eg, my solidity event: myEvent( address indexed _sellerAddress) where _sellerAddress is a personal account address

I want to know/be informed each time my _sellerAddress is mentioned is this event, but I don't know at this stage the smart contract address.

let me know if I'm not clear.


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Ok I found my way by my self.

Just set an eth.filter like above with web3.py by e.g :

    event_signature_hash = w3.sha3(text='myEvent(address)').hex() #Event name without input arguments

    my_event = w3.eth.filter({

And I got all events logs where _sellerAddress is stored/mentioned as event parametre.

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