I know how to start mining and open ipc port seperately. First I unlocked my account using geth --datadir "ethereum/node1" --unlock ffc4136c8dd4ee4efb10ea954d65ad032ad86834 --password ethereum/password.txt

Now I have unlocked my account and I have some ether that I have mined previously, now I want to put it in testing. So when I try to open ipc using geth --datadir "ethereum/node1" --port 30301 --networkid 1234 --rpc --rpcport "8545" --rpccorsdomain "*" it always shows datadir already used by another process.

I want to open this port with unlocked account so I can using it. I don't want to use console commands because my server will time out after some time and it will close the console automatically. How can I achieve this? Can some one help me in this? Thank you.


I found myself an answer. Using geth attach ipc:ethereum/node1/geth.ipc console 2>console.log this command we can connect to that node and perform any operation using console command and we finally exit.

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