I was trying to create an account via geth. My question is about using the non-interactive password input.

With the following variables :

PASSWORD="${GETH_ROOT_PATH}/passwordfile.txt" => in this file, I have something like : 

l1: {ADDR1}password1

l2: {ADDR2}password2 


So I have tried this :

geth account new --datadir ${GETH_DATA_DIR} --password awk -F"$BR2" '[ print $2 ]' ${PASSWORD}

So what I wanted is to go to the password file and take the output following the "}" and to make it as the password of the account.

But it didn't work. Could you help please ?


You're password file syntax is incorrect, and is limited to one password per file followed by a single newline, not multiple passwords per file.

Are you on linux? If so I would hazard a guess that you're shell expansion is causing an issue as well, and whatever it is you're trying to accomplish is very unnecessary.


  • Thank you for your reply. Yes I am on a CentOS 7. I have tried this : geth account new --password <(echo $mypassword) and it worked with the previous definition of the variable mypassword, for a single account. What I'm trying now, is to create a loop for creating 7 accounts at the same time for example. I will continue my researchs. Thanks.
    – Kanka
    May 18 '18 at 8:13
  • No problem. If you don't mind marking my post as the answer that would be great :)
    – hextet
    May 18 '18 at 18:17

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