my mist is not syncing in private network and it did not show the ethers. so I need to uninstall Mist permanently and again I want to install .But when I install the mist it shows the older mist .


It is most likely your blockchain not syncing, try
1) delete $home/Libary/Ethereum/chaindata this should wipe out the blockchain itself and let you sync from scratch.
2) delete the entire $home/Libary/Ethereum folder (backup your keystore folder, which is your wallets before deleting, very important!!)
3) Try geth removedb to remove the blockchain and state databases.

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  • I just did the same as you mentioned but still it shows me the previous mist and also it is not working when I connect to private network and I opened mist by using terminal and mist shows an error couldn't connect to the node. Retry the connections – Lahari Areti May 30 '18 at 9:34

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