I'm compiling a contract with solc and I'm getting something like this (I replaced most of the hexadecimal digits with three dots to make it shorter):


The thing that seems to be causing troubles is __whitelist.sol:AddressSet______________ because when I deployed the contract in Ethereum, when I check the transaction, only the code up to that string is taken. Everything else is discarded.

When I deploy the contract using Remix, the binary looks good, without those strings in the middle.

Here is the command I'm using to compile the code:

solc --optimize --pretty-json --combined-json bin,abi whitelist.sol

Do I need to use a special flag to avoid that?

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    In your contract you are using a library, before you can deploy your contract you have to "link" the bytecode to the deployed address of the library.
    – Ismael
    May 15 '18 at 19:06

As @Ismael pointed out in a comment the problem was that I was using a library and wasn't linking it. I get rid of the problem by using --libraries in solc:

solc --optimize --libraries "AddressSet:0x4025e920fb97ce003b361021534f0c0335254f65" --pretty-json --combined-json bin,abi whitelist.sol

That generated the correct binary code that can be deployed to Ethereum.

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