I try to create a local private testnet network of ethereum. It seems like when I run two nodes on the same computer(without vm), it uses the same port and ip address although I set different port for each one of them. Is it possible to run a couple of nodes on the same computer, or should I use a vm for that? It also showed me that one of the nodes has 8 peers although I set only 2 nodes. how is it possible?

Thank you


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I don't know what are the mandatory options for your node but for the networking only, you can set the port with the following option

  --port value          Network listening port (default: 30303)

If you are connected to 8 peers but you only have 2, I think you are running your geth on a public networkid

--networkid value Network identifier (integer, 1=Frontier, 2=Morden (disused), 3=Ropsten, 4=Rinkeby) (default: 1)

You can find all the available options on this page


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