Is this possible with Ethereum?

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Here are some of the different options on syncing with geth

  • "Full" Sync: Gets the block headers, the block bodies, and validates every element from genesis block.

  • Fast Sync: Gets the block headers, the block bodies, it processes no transactions until current block - 64(*). Then it gets a snapshot state and goes like a full synchronization.

  • Light Sync: Gets only the current state. To verify elements, it needs to ask to full (archive) nodes for the corresponding tree leaves.

Light sync is execute with geth --light and it is likely what you are looking for.

  • To add to this, here is an article that gives a great in-depth explanation of the various combinations of sync modes and associated sync-time and storage requirements: dev.to/5chdn/…
    – Mark Toda
    Commented Oct 29, 2018 at 10:19

Depends on what u r using for ethereum. The --light option is mandatory in newer versions of geth and parity. This will probably be the closet to pruning u can get.

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