I followed a youtube video, the link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEULs3ShTxo&list=PLnwIwnzAHNfi3mCaRDIXcQx8HtuWm1pqw&index=2

He said that while installing MIST, while downloading mist, he said that it will ask whether to download main network or testnet network. But it wasn't asked while i am downloading!! Also when installed mist, to select test network there are two networks one is ropsten and other is rinkeby. As per video I have selected Rinkeby network. When i am trying to create a new account -> the account is not creating eventhough i created(creation process, password and confirm password)!! Please tell me why it is happening!! The account is not created and the further process I am getting to continue as per the video.

  1. Ropsten & Rinkeby :


  • PoW ( proof of work)
  • Supported by geth and parity
  • Best reproduces the current production environment
  • Chaindata size 15 GB - Apr 2018


  • PoA (Immune to spam attacks)
  • Supported by geth only
  • Chaindata size 6 GB - Apr 2018

If need support on both geth and parity go wtih Ropsten. Otherwise choose Kovan or Rinkeby as they are more stable.


Detailed version below:


  • PoW testnet
  • History:

    Started in November 2016. Named after a subway station in Stockholm. Was DoS attacked in February 2017 which made synching slow and made clients consume a lot of disk space. Was revived in March 2017 and became usable again.

  • Pros:

    Best reproduces the current production environment, i.e. system and network conditions on the live Ethereum mainnet, because it's PoW net. Can be used with both geth and parity.

  • Ether can be mined. Or requested from a faucet:


  • Cons:

    Not immune to spam attacks. Because of this it's less stable.

    Network id: 3

    Block time: sub-30 seconds

  • Commands:

    geth --testnet or geth --networkid 3 parity --chain ropsten Explorer https://ropsten.etherscan.io/


PoA testnet started by the Ethereum team. Uses Clique PoA consensus protocol.

  • History:

    Started in April 2017. Named after a metro station in Stockholm.

  • Pros:

    Immune to spam attacks (as Ether supply is controlled by trusted parties)

  • Cons:

    Supported by geth only Doesn't fully reproduce the current production environment as it uses PoA.

  • Ether can't be mined. It has to be requested from a faucet:


  • Network id: 4

  • Block time: 15 seconds

  • Command:

    geth --rinkeby or geth --networkid 4 Explorer https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/

If you want to deploy your contract on ropsten/rinkeby testnet using remix/metamask or mist please read my blog : Deploy your smart contract

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