I'm just getting started with this. I started by reading this collection of articles:


The syntax they suggested for creating a private blockchain didn't work so I tried every combination I could think of. Eventually I tried the following:

geth init CustomGenesis.json --datadir .ACPrivateChain

Here's how I configured my install:

  • I installed geth in c:\program files\geth.
  • I created a genesis.json file and put it in this folder.
  • I created a subfolder named 'ACPrivateChain'.

When I run the command, I get:

"Fatal: invalid genesis file: invalid character '/' looking for beginning of object key string"

Can someone help with the right syntax for Windows?

thanks, clem

  • We'll need to see your genesis file... :) – Richard Horrocks May 8 '18 at 5:36
  • I just used the one from the tutorial: { "config": { "chainId": 987, "homesteadBlock": 0, "eip155Block": 0, "eip158Block": 0 }, "difficulty": "0x400", "gasLimit": "0x8000000", //set this really high for testing "alloc": {} } } – user3718738 May 10 '18 at 19:13

Remove the following block from your genesis file and try again!

//set this really high for testing

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