Given below is a simple token contract being migrated using truffle. What are the constituting transactions that make up this contract creation and why are these steps discrete? Ignore the top transaction

enter image description here

  • Contract creation happens in a single transaction. The screenshot you provided isn't enough for someone to tell you what the other transactions are about.
    – user19510
    Commented May 7, 2018 at 18:27

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Those transactions are related to Truffle:

when migrating with truffle, truffle reads a value from it's, already deployed, contract called migrations if the value is less than a certain number(can call it network version) it invalidates the contract and redeploys it.

then truffle deploys your actual contract. so the extra transactions and calls are from truffle.

Note : truffle uses this method to keep track of the contract versions, so that it doesn't deploy the same contract( with no changes in its code) multiple times.

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