We have an event as follows :

event LogNewObject(address sender, bytes32 indexed id, bytes32 sub_states_types, bytes32 sub_states_values, address owner);

This event is called in following function :

function newObject(bytes32 _id, uint256 number_of_sub_states, bytes32[10] sub_states_types, bytes32[10] sub_states_values, address _owner) public returns(bool success) {

        uint256 counter=0;
        for(counter; counter < number_of_sub_states; counter++) {

            objectStructs[_id].state.sub_state[sub_states_types[counter]] = sub_states_values[counter];

            emit LogNewObject(msg.sender, _id, bytes32(sub_states_types[counter]), bytes32(sub_states_values[counter]), _owner);


        objectStructs[_id].owner = _owner;
        objectStructs[_id].isObject = true;


        return true;

I want to get the logs like remix as following picture shows :


For this purpose, I use following command :

contractInstance.events.LogNewObject({fromBlock: 0, toBlock: 'latest'}, function(error, event){ console.log(event); })

And I receive following output :

> contractInstance.events.LogNewObject({fromBlock: 0, toBlock: 'latest'}, function(error, event){ console.log(event); })
Subscription {
  id: null,
  callback: [Function],
   [ { fromBlock: '0x0',
       toBlock: 'latest',
       topics: [Array],
       address: '0xe1623aaf57fcbe260f022404c730ae32aebe39f6' } ],
  _reconnectIntervalId: null,
   { subscription: 
      { params: 1,
        inputFormatter: [Array],
        outputFormatter: [Function: bound ],
        subscriptionHandler: [Function: subscriptionHandler] },
     type: 'eth',
      RequestManager {
        provider: [HttpProvider],
        providers: [Object],
        subscriptions: {} } },
  subscriptionMethod: 'logs' }

As you see, the output is not as it's expected.

I used also the command proposed by user " Jitendra Kumar. Balla". However, I receive same output and not the output similar to the remix logs output as I uploaded its screen shot above in my question. I expect this output:

enter image description here

What option must be added to this command to receive an output similar to remix output logs which is shown in above picture ?

  • Try to use contractInstance.events.LogNewObject({fromBlock: 0, toBlock: 'latest'}, function(error, event){ console.log(JSON.stringify(event)); }) May 7, 2018 at 12:09
  • Which blockchain tools are u using ?
    – Majd TL
    Feb 6, 2021 at 15:53

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I suggest you to use the eventEmitter structure which is easier to manage and do what you want to do :)

  • Thanks, I think I used same structure and command, isn't it ?
    – Questioner
    May 7, 2018 at 12:44
  • Where is your console.log or debugger breakpoint in your code?
    – oktapodia
    May 7, 2018 at 15:52

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