I am playing around with my ERC20 token. I created token on Rinkeby test network. I can't understand where I did a mistake. I am interacting with my token in truffle console.

After command

Token.deployed().then(function(instance){app = instance;})

I check my balance with command:


And it works fine, I am getting the right answer.

Then I am trying to check my balance with commands:

app.balanceOf.call(accounts[0], {from: accounts[0]})


app.balanceOf.call(app.accounts[0], {from: app.accounts[0]})



Where I did a mistake? How to call a function balanceOf ?

Information after command app:

  { [Function: bound ]
    request: [Function: bound ],
    call: [Function: bound ],
    sendTransaction: [Function: bound ],
    estimateGas: [Function: bound ],
    getData: [Function: bound ],
    address: [Circular] },


  { [Function]
    call: [Function],
    sendTransaction: [Function],
    request: [Function: bound ],
    estimateGas: [Function] },
  • What is the error your getting... ? Update your qus. Commented May 7, 2018 at 6:12

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You can do:


if you use call the function is evaluated locally (in the node you are connected) and the transaction is not sent to the network, therefore no need for {from: accounts[0]}.

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  • just for curious, would app.balanceOf be encoded as a call in the EVM bytecode? Commented Aug 8, 2019 at 11:53

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