I'm looking for the java version of the solution of this question.

How is the address of an Ethereum contract computed?

Actually I want have a solution of the problem below.

I have a master contract which creates many sub contracts. And I need to get the addresses of the sub contracts when it's created.

master contract creates sub contract with a function like this

function createForwarder() public returns (address) {
    return new Forwarder();

But I can't get the address from this function. I'm using web3j and it has not internal transaction concept. So I need to get the address with another way.

What will be the best solution for me?

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Here is my solution in Java using web3j utilities. We have to convert the address to a byte[], then encode, then Hash, then transform the output. I've included my steps below. Hope this helps!

    private String calculateContractAddress(String address, long nonce){
    byte[] addressAsBytes = Numeric.hexStringToByteArray(address);

    byte[] calculatedAddressAsBytes =
                    new RlpList(

    calculatedAddressAsBytes = Arrays.copyOfRange(calculatedAddressAsBytes,
            12, calculatedAddressAsBytes.length);
    String calculatedAddressAsHex = Numeric.toHexString(calculatedAddressAsBytes);
    return calculatedAddressAsHex;

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