I replace my MetaMask's web3 with web3.js 1.0.0-beta.34, and getGasPrice always returns null under every network --

window.web3 = new Web3(web3.currentProvider);
console.log('web3.version = ' + web3.version);
web3.eth.getGasPrice(gasPrice => {
    console.log('gasPrice = ' + gasPrice);

i.e., from mainnet to Ropsten to my private network ( ganache-cli ) log --

web3.version = 1.0.0-beta.34
gasPrice = null

Does anyone else have the same experience? What could have gone wrong?


It turns out the correct syntax for web3 1.0 should be --

web3.eth.getGasPrice().then(gasPrice => {
   console.log('gasPrice = ' + gasPrice);

which logs --

gasPrice = 20000000000

Another async way:

  let transaction = await any_function;
  let gasUsed = transaction.receipt.gasUsed;
  let txInfo = await web3.eth.getTransaction(transaction.tx);
  let gasPrice = txInfo.gasPrice;
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    While it's good to learn about the gasPrice for a transaction, web3.eth.getGasPrice() returns the average gas price without having to have a transaction. The difference is subtle but important as getGasPrice() is commonly used to gauge the gas price to be used for a future transaction – Jerry Ji Apr 5 '19 at 13:17

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