beginner in solidity here.

I'm starting to build a trading card game on the Ethereum network using ERC721 tokens because cards will have different stats so I need them to be non-fungible.

My initial plan was to release 10 cards, and later on incrementally release "add-on packs" with more cards. I understand that it's impossible to change a smart contract after it's deployed, so, regarding the release of extra cards, is that possible? How?


The ERC721 standard has no specifications as to how your contract creates or destroys tokens. This means you're free to implement your own functions which mint and burn tokens as you see fit.

The only requirement is that when creating a new token, you emit the Transfer event with the from address being 0x0, and when destroying a token you emit the same event but with the to address being 0x0.


Yep, you can call the mint() function at any time to create more tokens. Typically, it's used with the onlyOwner() modifier so that only the contract owner can mint new tokens.

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