I look in my EtherScan and it says that 5 days ago and 10 in value I received a token called Erc20(UBT) and I click on it, it's a Universal Bonus Token that came from an address = 0x00000000000... When I click on my token balances there's the 10 UBT and above it is the ERC20 contract address.

What is this?

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    It's some airdropped, free tokens that someone has kindly sent to 100,000 addresses. A way to distribute and bootstrap a new token, rather than doing a presale. Do with it what you will :-) – Richard Horrocks Apr 25 '18 at 20:04

Some people create their own tokens and send some of these tokens to random people in order to attract attention. These tokens are usually worthless since giving coins away to strangers is a very poor way to create value.

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