How i can check if particular item exists in the Mapping list?

struct user {
    address userAddress;
    uint[] entries;

mapping (address => user) public userInfo;

I found such solution here but this solution is not working:

require(userInfo[msg.sender].length == 0);

If you want to know if a user exists try the following:

require(userInfo[msg.sender].userAddress != address(0));
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  • This answer is the most efficient if your are checking for the existence of an address property. In the case of uint or most other types, you will most likely need to add a flag to your struct as mentioned below. – Zack McGinnis Apr 25 '18 at 17:01

You need to declare a flag in a struct

struct user{ address userAddress; uint[] entries; bool isExist; } mapping (address => user) public userInfo; require(userInfo[address].isExist)

Assign isExist to true while inserting a record.

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