The text from that link states that a single node can corrupt the blocks and is limited to just a signing limit.

What is the solution to prevent a node corrupting even some data in a PoA network? I know VeChain is using PoA. They have a big venture so I assume this issue is resolved.

The issue to me is not limiting damage but eliminating damage.

Has anyone found a reference to a solution for this?


I did get an answer here - https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/225

Apparently the POA algorithm does allow limits to be placed by the approval process in the network.

@zillerium not at all. PoA is more in the field of classical consensus algorithms where you have a simple honest majority assumption. Depending on the kind of network faults you'll also tolerate, you can either tolerate <1/2 malicious or <1/3. In some situations you can tolerate all but one node being malicious but just not be able to finalize anything. It all depends on the algorithm you use and your assumptions

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