From the command line, when I run the following command:

ganache-cli --db ~/Documents/Ethereum/ --mnemonic "bride forest screen jazz injury grit rather seek also donate media mechanic"

and I run "truffle migrate" in my project directory then it hangs for a while and produces the following output:

Could not connect to your Ethereum client. Please check that your Ethereum client:
    - is running
    - is accepting RPC connections (i.e., "--rpc" option is used in geth)
    - is accessible over the network
    - is properly configured in your Truffle configuration file (truffle.js)

The following link does not solve the problem as it produces the same result:

Can't run truffle migrate if ganache-cli launched with --db option

truffle migrate works fine when the --db option is omitted from the ganache-cli call. Why is the --db option causing truffle migrate to hang?

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