i have consulted this thread: How can I return multiple strings from a contract function?

but i cant find a way to adapt it, as the number of variables i need to return is not set.

here is my top 10 PhD certified code:

mapping (uint256=>string)  fieldNameArr; //filled in another function
function getAllFields()  public view returns (string){
    uint g;
    for(g=0;g<=e ;g++){


return (arr);

Remix is returning an error regarding the type, but i have tried a lot of tricks to solve this and i can't find a way.

Please ask for precision if you need any. Thank you for your help.


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It is not possible to return (yet) a dynamic amount of values in solidity. In particular arrays. It is said in the documentation. Check this: http://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/v0.4.21/control-structures.html?highlight=multiple%20return#returning-multiple-values

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