If I have two contracts, contract A and contract B. How can I change the content of a publicly declared state variables in Contract A from Contract B?

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It's not important that the variable is public. It implies many things but it doesn't imply that anyone or any contract can come along and overwrite it.

contract A will have to explose a function. contract B will need knowledge of this function as well as knowledge of contract A's address. This is more than one way to address each of those concerns. As a starting point, consider.

In contract A, create a function that actually writes to the state variable.

function setValue(uint newValue) public returns(bool success) {
  someValue = newValue;
  return true;

in contract B.sol, inform B about the interface and location of A and instantiate an instance.

contract AInterface {
  function setValue(uint newValue) public returns(bool success);

contract B {

  AInterface a;

  function B(address addressContractA) public {
    a = AInterface(addressContractA);

  function setThatThing(uint newNumber) public returns(bool success) {
    return a.setValue(newNumber);

Hope it helps.

  • Hi Rob, so without the interface approach, technically, state variables can't be overwritten by external contracts?
    – NowsyMe
    Commented Apr 22, 2018 at 0:58
  • 1
    Right. No. The internal contract state is 100% under the control of the contract itself and no one gets around that. public is doing a few things, one of which is a "free" getter. It doesn't imply there is a free setter. This convenience function makes sense because there are no access control concerns on read-only functions ... everything is visible to everyone, so it makes sense to make it more convenient. Setters very often do have use-case specific access control concerns, so it makes sense to leave it to the author to decide what is acceptable. Commented Apr 22, 2018 at 1:28

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