I am trying to implement fallback funcationality for my DApp which means that when no web3 provider (e.g. metamask/trustwallet etc) is found I can still make calls to the ethereum network but I always seem to get the same issue.

This is my fallback logic:

 let bootStrappedWeb3;

  // Checking if Web3 has been injected by the browser (Mist/MetaMask)
  if (typeof web3 !== 'undefined') {
    bootStrappedWeb3 = new Web3(web3.currentProvider);
  } else {
    console.log('No Web3 Detected... falling back to using default mainnet HTTP Provider');
    bootStrappedWeb3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider("https://mainnet.infura.io/<MY_API_KEY>"));
  window.web3 = bootStrappedWeb3;

  // Listen for when web3 is connected and then bootstrap the app
    .then(() => {
      console.log('is connected');

      // Bootstrap the full app
      this.$store.dispatch(actions.INIT_APP, bootStrappedWeb3);
    .catch(e => console.log('Something went wrong', e));

I see is connected and then INIT_APP is called.

INIT_APP then sets the provider on my truffle contract like this:


I can correctly read the current network which reports as on Mainnet, ID 1, but then whenever I try to use truffle this then falls over.

The call to truffle looks like this:

    .then((contract) => {
      // Do stuff 
    }).catch((error) => console.log("Something went bang!", error));

An exception is throw and I ass the error which is as follows:

Something went bang! TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined
at Provider.sendAsync (contract.js?6b6f:24)
at RequestManager.sendAsync (requestmanager.js?e4d9:80)
at Object.get [as getNetwork] (property.js?7a8c:116)
at eval (contract.js?6b6f:512)
at new Promise (<anonymous>)
at Function.detectNetwork (contract.js?6b6f:503)
at Function.deployed (contract.js?6b6f:451)
at Store.eval (index.js?e3b1:444)
at Array.wrappedActionHandler (vuex.esm.js?edaa:704)
at Store.dispatch (vuex.esm.js?edaa:426)
at boundDispatch (vuex.esm.js?edaa:332)
at eval (index.js?e3b1:273)
at tryCatcher (bluebird.js?e531:5063)
at Promise._settlePromiseFromHandler (bluebird.js?e531:3095)
at Promise._settlePromise (bluebird.js?e531:3153)
at Promise._settlePromise0 (bluebird.js?e531:3198)
at Promise._settlePromises (bluebird.js?e531:3281)
at eval (bluebird.js?e531:162)
at MutationObserver.eval (bluebird.js?e531:4330)

Has anyone got any ideas? From the documentation and examples I have read I believe this should work, and and all help appreciated!



I found that using the described work around on this ticket solved the problem for me: https://github.com/trufflesuite/truffle-contract/issues/57


if (typeof MyContract.currentProvider.sendAsync !== "function") {
     MyContract.currentProvider.sendAsync = function() {
        return MyContract.currentProvider.send.apply(
            MyContract.currentProvider, arguments

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