I did a transaction and got transaction hash. How can I check this transaction is mined (or confirmed) via CLI (command-line interface) ? What is related command for this? Here is transaction hash that i received: 0x0e16981f972c8069398a7aa6c6402b8183063cfd157c3714582101e3ee071a30


If by CLI you mean shell script, one way is

echo 'eth.getTransactionReceipt("<txn hash>")' | geth attach <your web3 provider>
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  • Thank you, i tried to install CLI shell script on windows, however, i could not find its installer. Also, would you please tell me the correct value for <my web3 provider> its UI version is here tobalaba.etherscan.com/tx/… Thanks – Questioner Apr 19 '18 at 15:19

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