I git clone the web3j and found in the fold dist there are web3.js , web3.min.js, web3-light.js , web3-light.min.js

Whats the difference between web3.js , web3.min.js, web3-light.js , web3-light.min.js?

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Short answer:

web3.js contains the bignumber.js module while web3-light.js does not.

min.js suffix means library is minified (code is unreadable) and compressed.

Long answer:

web3.js is open-source project, so lets see what's inside. Web3 use Gulp build system to produce different versions of library. The code responsible for light flavour looks like this:

gulp.task('light', ['clean'], function () {
    return browserify(browserifyOptions)
        .require('./' + src + '.js', {expose: 'web3'})
        .require('./lib/utils/browser-bn.js', {expose: 'bignumber.js'}) // fake bignumber.js
        .add('./' + src + '.js')
        .pipe(exorcist(path.join( DEST, lightDst + '.js.map')))
        .pipe(source(lightDst + '.js'))
        .pipe(gulp.dest( DEST ))
        .pipe(rename(lightDst + '.min.js'))
        .pipe(gulp.dest( DEST ));

uglify() function is responsible for minification process. Generally, min version is use in production, while without min - in development.

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