Is there any way to have an abstract base contract with an abstract function which gets implemented in a derived contract by a property (and not a function)?

e.g. the following attempts failed:

contract Base {
    //function f() public returns (uint256);
    function f() external view returns (uint256); // also not working

contract Derived is Base {
    uint256 public f;

In all cases Derived is still abstract because it does not implement f from the Base contract although the ABI is identical. A typical scenario is e.g. a tokens which implements the ERC20 interface an totalSupply might just be implemented with a property and not a getter and a property (in most simple cases that would suffice).

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Known issue

This is a known problem, with an open issue in the solidity bug tracker.

Please see: https://github.com/ethereum/solidity/issues/3514

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