I have an ERC-721 token manager contract and an ERC-721 token contract. The manager contract is responsible for creating new ERC-721 contracts and minting new tokens within those contracts, as well as keeping track of wallets that have tokens and which tokens they own. Just realized a potentially fatal flaw - since I am keeping track of wallets that own tokens IF a token is traded outside of my platform the token manager contract will be out of sync. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas about how I can make this work, or a better solution to track which wallets have tokens in which ERC-721 contracts.

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Your token contract needs to directly notify the token manager contract whenever a token is transferred by a third party.

Store the address of the token manager contract in the token contract

address private token_manager_address = 0xabcd;

and in your transferFrom and safeTransferFrom functions, have a check which says

if(msg.sender != token_manager_address){
    //do something to notify the token manager contract

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