i have tried following the mentioned steps at this but this connects to remix IDE. i want to connect to real ethereum wallet and use ether from there. please help.


Yes, if you want connect with main net or testnet (Ropsten,RinkeBy,Kovan) then you can use infura https://blog.infura.io/getting-started-with-infura-28e41844cc89 . you can also get details from here. After that you need to deploy you contract from truffle, you can start from here https://medium.com/@gus_tavo_guim/using-truffle-to-create-and-deploy-smart-contracts-95d65df626a2 or you can deploy directly on ethreum wallet https://www.codeooze.com/blockchain/ethereum-wallet-private-chain-deploy/

If you are using ethereum wallet GUI then just you need ABI. which you can get from Remix IDE. And Create wallet address and then you can deploy your contract.

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