Someone recently told me that Ethereum does not use IP addresses to work out the node connections. I know networkid is used in the connection but how does networkid translate into the EVM finding the relevant nodes?

I assume there must be a broadcast mode for a node and TCP/IP is used somehow to sent messages. But if IP addresses are not used, how does the EVM workout the relevant nodes?

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    I did some checks and it seems that the enode is used to define a bootnode which then is defined by a static IP address. Apr 13, 2018 at 13:54

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The Blockchain network has its own network layer "on top of" TCP/IP and it is a p2p protocol. Ergo, the Blockchain protocol or ÐΞVp2p (peer-to-peer) ÐΞVp2p sends messages using RLPx, an encrypted and authenticated transport protocol. ÐΞVp2p nodes communicate in terms of packets No other messages may be sent until a “Hello” is received Encrypted handshake.

When you launch a Blockchain Genesis node/client with Geth for example all nodes no matter what computer they are running on will communicate over the internet but communicating p2p using the DEVp2p

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