I want to receive deployed contract address by transaction hash. Transcation example - 0x996a683acd59a2ad17461f76ce0f387a89a5ac257ec5d667556219c6acc7f45a.

As you can see this contract was deployed by the other contract (fabric) and when I look at the internal transaction - I see newly created contract address (https://etherscan.io/tx/0x996a683acd59a2ad17461f76ce0f387a89a5ac257ec5d667556219c6acc7f45a#internal)

I know that I can calculate new contract address by creator address and nonce (number of transaction from this address), but I have an array of transactions list and don't know number of transaction on the contract deployment time. So I want to get this address with JSON-RPC request if it's possible.

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