As we know, geth send eth by sendTransaction, it has from to and amount, it is an one-to-one transaction. Can I get a way of one-to-many(many-to-many) transaction like sendmany in bitcoin-core? As bitcoin-core can draw bitcoin form all address in the local wallet automatically, it is actually a many-to-many transaction. Just for saving miner-fee when I have huge transactions.



There is not native method in Ethereum that can do that but you can write a smart contract that is able to do it.

For example this one https://github.com/cleanunicorn/smart-split

Has users defined as partners

// partnerAdd adds a new partner to the list
// It saves the partner address and the weight of the partner
function partnerAdd(address partner, uint256 weight) public onlyOwnerOrPartner  {
    require(partnerExists(partner) == false);


And in the function that receives ETH can split the funds based on your logic

function () public payable {
    uint256 sum;
    for (uint256 i = 0; i < partners.length; i++) {
        sum = sum + partnersWeight[i];

    for (i = 0; i < partners.length; i++) {
        address dst = partners[i];
        uint256 value = msg.value * partnersWeight[i] / sum;

        SplitValue(dst, partnersWeight[i], value);

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