I'm trying to sign a simple transfer transaction using digitalbitbox's python api (see here and code snippet below).

I send the following json to the HW wallet api:

Sending: {"sign":{"data":[{"keypath":"m/1/1/1/0", "hash":"f2243e10c5c4f4ca1ba2f4cac89e5996ede01c101c8f510440a027b5faaf96a7"}]}}

The signed TX hash returned by the HW wallet is:


However, when pasting this into etherscan I receive the following error:

Error! Unable to broadcast Tx : {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32000,"message":"rlp: expected input list for types.txdata"}}

I was expecting too see some error message like insufficient funds, but it seems like my encoding is wrong.

Does anybody know why this isn't working?

import sys
from dbb_utils import *
import time
import rlp

    password = 'password'

    # Start up options - factory reset; initial password setting
    if 0:
        hid_send_encrypt('{"reset":"__ERASE__"}', password)
        hid_send_plain('{"password":"' + password + '"}')

    import ethereum
    from ethereum.transactions import Transaction
    import hashlib

    # Create test TX
    testTx = Transaction(nonce=5, gasprice=24000000000, startgas=21000, to=int("0xfc5d975c3738b1eed1f072d72912bea31f9d1eb1", 16), value=1, data="")
    rawTx = ethereum.utils.encode_hex(ethereum.utils.sha3(rlp.encode(testTx))) #hashlib.sha256(rlp.encode(testTx)).hexdigest()
    message = '{"sign":{"data":[{"keypath":"m/1/1/1/0", "hash": "' + rawTx + '"}]}}'

    # Send a JSON command
    response = hid_send_encrypt(message, password)
    cmd = '{"sign":""}'
    response = hid_send_encrypt(message, password)

except IOError as ex:
except(KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):
    print("Exiting code")


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Looks like I forgot to add the signature into the transaction object. After adding the associated v, r and s parameters to the raw TX and computing the corresponding hex of the rlp encoded TX it now seems to work!

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