From this, I know how to send ether to contract address itself. But I have a function defined as payable, then how can I call and send ether at the same time?

for example, my contract is like this,

contract MyTest {
  function DepositEther(address _to, string _title) payable external {
     //do something inside..

Thank you.


Regular functions look like this in truffle:

var account = accounts[0];
myTestInstance.regularFunction(_arg1, _arg2, {from: account});

To make it payable, all you have to do is this:

var account = accounts[0];
var price = 1000000000000000000; //whatever your price is
myTestInstance.payableFunction(_arg1, _arg2, {value: price, from: account});

Is similar to the syntax proposed in the linked post, you just need to specify the method name also.

contractInstance.method.sendTransaction(to, title, { from: accounts[0], value: ..., gas: ... });

where method is your method name (DepositEther) and contractInstance is the instance of your contract

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