Would an ethereum client or mist be able to run on a raspberry pi?

It's a simple yes or no question with an explanation. I don't want links to "light" versions of ethereum, as that's not what I'm asking for. And second of all they do not even exist yet.


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Although Geth has always worked on the RPI, we haven't put much effort into optimizing for such low end devices. During the Olympic testnet I did make Geth syncable on the RPI1, but there have been quite massive modifications and it wasn't a priority to keep this platform operationally feasible.

We're currently in the midst of releasing Geth 1.4.6, which will mostly be a networking fix to allow lower end connectivity peers to stably sync, but after this, work will commence on various database optimizations to make lower end devices feasible again. I can't say how low we'll manage to go, but I would definitely like to see RPI2 at least capable of running a full node.


I haven't tried it but apparently you can (link below) !!


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There's a really excellent ongoing effort over at http://ethembedded.com/ to build images for boards like the Raspberry Pi. They're all homestead compatible.

Not sure if these count as "light" by your definition.

They have geth/eth/parity builds available for:

  • Raspberry Pi 2/3

  • Odroid XU3/XU4

  • WandBoard Quad

  • BeagleBone Black

Check them out and happy hacking!

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