I have developed a smart contract and run it with remix in cases of javascript vm and web3 provider. Now, I want to run it such that my computer to be connected to real ethereum network. I think in case of using web3 provider in remix, I am not connected really to ethereum and it's like a simulation, isn't it?


To run it on main network of Etherum You need to do it using MyEther Wallet or MetaMask.

  • First Download Myetherwallet (it will take time to sync to main Etherum network) . So be patient
  • If you want to just Test your Smart Contract then I would suggest you do it using "Ropsten Test Network" which can be switched to under Development Tab in MyEther wallet App.(Even this needs to be Synced)
  • For Deploying your Smart Contract you would be needing some Ether , so for that use Ropsten faucet .
  • Now that you have your Account set up and some Ethers in your account ,start Deploying your contract
  • Make Sure you are not on Main Etherum Network but on Ropsten Test Network which is similar to Main Etherum Network but for Testing smart Contract. Hope it helps.

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