Please excuse this basic question, as I am quite new to this. I created a sample token using OpenZeppelin framework. The token class inherits MintableToken which in turn inherits Ownable. This class has a variable:

address public owner;

which is by default set to msg.sender, but how do i check the address of this owner using web3js/truffle. I've tried this:

coinInstance = testCoin.at("address")

but i only get the following

{ [Function]
  call: [Function],
  sendTransaction: [Function],
  request: [Function: bound ],
  estimateGas: [Function] }

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I had the same problem, but figured it out! Since owner is a public address, Solidity automatically creates a getter function, which you have to call like so:

coinInstance = testCoin.at("address")

That will return a Promise that should resolve to the owner address.

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