eWASM was first proposed in EIP 48 with performance advantages over the EVM. Are there other advantages since the EIP was written in 2015?

The initial benchmarks are also gone and are there any current benchmarks that show how much faster eWASM is over the current EVM?

  • all these performance improvement proposals must first provide a test, and only after that claim that they are going to be faster. You can't say it is going to be faster until you implement it, because you never know how big the implementation will be, and every instruction costs you CPU cycles! – Nulik Jul 28 '18 at 12:39
  • Web assembly only proves one thing; browsers have got to SLOW to handle the computational load. But what does this have to do with Ethereum? Nothing! Ethereum is designed to create financial applications, it's requirements for speed are not the same as for gaming or laying out DOM elements in a beautiful way. The only thing you have to do is to separate your presentation logic from monetary logic and that's it. Don't try to run everything on the blockchain. – Nulik Jul 28 '18 at 12:46
  • Ethereum is already a fast enough by being written in Golang. If you want to create a faster EVM rewrite geth in Rust , but for squeezing 10-15% of performance it isn't worth it. – Nulik Jul 28 '18 at 12:47
  • After all, all the contract code is being run on a home-grade computer, so you can't accelerate past the hardware limits, would it be WASM or the EVM bytecode as it is now. Implementing WASM in the EVM is a waste of time. Better focus on scallability. – Nulik Jul 28 '18 at 12:50

The project is still ongoing: https://github.com/ewasm/evm2wasm

WASM seems more secure, also, webassembly is backed by Google, Apple and Microsoft, the community is also active, it's gonna be a widely used platform. So embrace WASM will be a really good choice.

I'm also looking for the benchmark ...

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