I am currently working with smart contracts and the implementation and communication to web apps using MetaMask. I am now confused about what to use and how to implement it. What exactly will be deprecated? What and how should I use it now? Can you tell me an actual and not deprecated way/tutorial to connect to MetaMask, ask for balances and connect to contracts etc.?

  • What do you exactly mean with „web3 deprecated“?
    – ivicaa
    Apr 5, 2018 at 10:53
  • "MetaMask: web3 will be deprecated in the near future in favor of the ethereumProvider github.com/MetaMask/faq/blob/master/…" I get that in the console.
    – dkb
    Apr 5, 2018 at 10:57

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Web3 will not be deprecated,

I am not totally sure but as i understood this post : https://github.com/MetaMask/faq/blob/master/detecting_metamask.md#deprecation-of-global-web3js

MetaMask and mist will stop injecting a web3 global object as they do right now because it is chainging fast and a lot. they will instead inject an other API which is smaller and can let the users use a locally injected ( imported via code ) version of web3 or any other provider instead.

So you will be importing web3 for example : var web3 = require("web3");

then you will integrating it with MetaMask by initializing the provider by the given provider (the Ethereum Provider) : web3.setProvider(web3.currentProvider)

Please correct me if i am wrong.


Well smart contracts use events to communicate with the frontend. But, I suggest you start with the basics so learn how to call metamask using a button : https://github.com/MetaMask/TipButton/blob/master/index.html

Then, you can learn how to use Remix to deploy your smart contract and play with it a bit :


and finally you can try this tutorial :


I hope this would help a bit. Best, Tarik

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