Is it possible to use pyethapp as a python script interpreter so that account management operations and transactions may be automated.

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for the accounts side of you question, the test_add_account method should give you a good overview of a possible implementation in your script.

for the transactions, the documentation about creating transactions explains it well, you use the eth object like this :

tx = eth.transact('d63b635a458b99f7e900477e2d261d5d13e45d59', value=100)

Now you can also look at the call method and send_transaction methods of their rpc client implementation, should you not want to use the console

  • But is it possible to "stay away" from pyethapp in a sense that I define my own custom python code that is to be run over pyethapp. I've read that you can create a user service by placing a python file in ~/.config/pyethapp/contrib directory that gets run once pyethapp is run. Also, I have no ether so I am currently using a custom private block chain. +1 btw
    – Sebi
    Commented May 31, 2016 at 11:37

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