I use this command because it allows me to sync the Geth blockchain to an external SD card rather than to the internal hard drive:

geth --datadir /media/user/sdcard/chaindata --ipcdisable

However, if there was a way to use it with the console it would be even better.

I have tried this but it doesn't work:

geth console --datadir /media/user/sdcard/chaindata --ipcdisable

Is it possible to use the command with the console and if so, how?

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The following should work for you:

geth --datadir /media/user/sdcard/chaindata --ipcdisable console

The console and attach [endpoint] commands should always be at the end.


you have to put console after the options, the help command tells you that :

➜  ✗ geth --help
   geth - the go-ethereum command line interface

   geth [options] command [command options] [arguments...]


console      Geth Console: interactive JavaScript environment


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