PoA consensus algorithms are an acceptable choice in public/private permissioned networks.

[Q]: Did someone try to setup a benchmark for measuring the performance of existing PoA implementations in parity and geth?

Possible parameters for the measurements could be:

  • block gas limits
  • block times
  • authority (sealer) node count
  • transaction sizes
  • ...
  • I did some tests on my own with geth clique and two sealers on two different machines. I was able to run ~4000tx/s (simple ether transfer). Which is not that bad at all!
    – ivicaa
    Apr 21, 2018 at 11:20

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yes, have a look at my current question: parity TPS optimization - please help = I could not really accelerate parity yet. For now, geth looks MUCH faster.

Feel free to run your own benchmarks, it is easy with chainhammer & chainreader. Please report back what you find out. Thanks.

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