I'm trying to transfer some DAO's from Myetherwallet.com to Kraken. I've followed instructions to access my funds through Myetherwallet: -Pasted "to" address (already active in Kraken), -Introduced amount (10% of my total amount), -Generated transaction, -Pressed "Send transaction" and "YEs I'm sure..." but system responds: "Account does not exist or account balance too low"

Seems sure that account exist and for sure I'm sending a fraction of the total amount od DAO's in Myetherwallet account.

So, anybody knows why I'm not allowed to transfer DAO's

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You need ensure the account has sufficient GAS to pay for the transfer. Try sending over a small amount of Ether to the account (eg 0.01 ETH). That should be more than enough to cover the price of GAS required.

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