I wrote my erc20 token by solidity and the decimals of token is 18. I'm testing the smart contract on truffle and one thing that I noticed was the octal number is returned when I called the balanceOf() function. I want to check the balance of accounts as decimals which is fixed as 18. For example, I want to transfer the 1.001 or 22.0000003 and then get the return value of balanceOf() as 23.0010003. However, this is the result I got.

> cc.transfer(user1, 000000000000000100, {from: owner})
{ [String: '512'] s: 1, e: 2, c: [ 512 ] }

How can I transfer or check the balance as fixed 18 Decimals not the octal number? Please help!

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In JavaScript, a leading zero indicates an octal number.

Just don't include the leading zeros. Use 100.

  • I get it. When I call balanceOf() function on Remix, it returned the number like 10010000000000000100123. The actual balance is 10010.000000000000100123. I was confused! Thanks a lot!! Apr 2, 2018 at 4:21

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